Arnest Inc./Unique Product.

Arnest. Inc./Unique Product.

Arnest.Inc/Arnest Inc. 株式会社

Arnest Inc. releases new products each month while fully satisfying the needs of global markets.

We are committed to constantly developing unique products, such as Original Kitchenware, Bento, Japanese Kitchen Knife, Home Cleaning & Laundry, Beauty & Health, Original Household Items, to provide for people in the world.

Our unique and specialized products being loved by people are shown up here as follows. Lots of our original products have been featured on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation, one and only national public broadcasting organization of Japan) and other commercial TVs.

The products also have been well received in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asian countries.

We are hoping that our products provide to people happy and plentiful life.

We believe that our sincerity as a company and the high quality of our products will ensure a profitable partnership between us.


Original Kitchenware

  • Magic Butter Spreader

    This butter knife was designed to be used on hard butter straight from the fridge, making it soft and easily spreadable. It can also be used for cheese and chocolate. Garnish desserts with chocolate shavings or top pizza with thinly sliced cheese in no time at all. Made by Japanese craftsman specializing in Western tableware.

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  • Collapsible Wanpaku-Sand Box

    Use "WANPAKU-SAND Mogu x 2" as a guide to easily cut asandwich stuffed with all your favorite fillings. Remove the case from the lid. Pull up the sides. Securely fasten the four corners. Release the lock and separate the case into two parts. Place the cases with the sides with holes down. Leave about a 1cm space between the cases. Cover with plastic wrap. Place a piece of bread inside. Fill it with your favorite fillings. Place another piece of bread on top and press gently. Use a knife to cut the sandwich in half. Wrap each half of the sandwich. Turn the sandwich halves so the cut sides face up. Bring the open sides together. Connect the bottom and secure the locks. Close the lid and DONE!

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  • Mesh Vegetable Slicer

    Developed this unique slicer with our own ideas. This unique slicer has a super sharp blade with removable guard. Two unique ways of slicing vegetables, such as Japanese radish, carrot, cucumber, even potato gives people a new mouth-feeling salad. Well scliced vegetables with this slicer looks like a Belgian waffle, catches salad-dressing well. It gives people less-dressing, and healthy salad.

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Our original kitchenware has been created with our 36 well experienced year spirit of developing products. Each of them has own originality and unique charm points.
Have been featured on many broadcastings, magazines, other media materials in Japan, makes them very popular.


  • Omusubi Panda Bear

    Panda bear shaped onigiri for picnic season, party, or special occasions can beprepared with this set, easy and fun! About 80g of panda bear face shaped onigiri can be supplied by one scoop up ofrice on the mold. Silicone rubber sheet helps to cut a nori sheet out to little pieces of face parts with asimple procedure. Hot steamed, or cooked rice can be supported. Recommended hand wash only. No use for dishwasher and dryer. Cannot be usedin the oven or microwave.

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  • Omusubi Nyan

    Various kinds of cat face shaped omusubi can be made with this omusubi mold set. Silicone rubber mat helps cutting a nori sheet out to little pieces of face parts with no fails.

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  • Omusubi Wan

    Various kinds of dog face shaped omusubi can be made with this omusubi mold set. Nice set for OMUSUBI-BENTO beginners. Popular Akita Inu can be made with this set by using soy sauce flavored rice. Silicone rubber mat helps cutting a nori sheet out to little pieces of face parts with no fails. About 60~70g of dog face shaped onigiri can be made in one scoop.

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We have been creating not only cute but user-friendly bento tools as well for over 10 years.
They will help people to create excitement to their lunchtime, breakfast or dinner, even parties as well of course!
Our development staff said that those onigiri molds are not only just a tool but also a part of ourselves. That means supporting and encouraging people to provide healthy and happy meals are one of our mission with them.

Japanese Kitchen Knife

  • Japanese Santoku Knife NAGAGIREOU

    Japanese-style multipurpose knife; ideal for mincing, dicing, chopping and slicing meat, fish, bread and vegetable. This knife has fine-saw processed blad made in Tsubame-City that it is located in the middle of Japan, and is famous worldwide for its producttion of fine knives. Its material is used stainless steel and molybdenum vanadium steel to resist rusting and the edge finished sow shape, which means perfect to cut both hard and soft foods. Dishwasher safe.

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  • Sashimi shape Knife

    Sashimi knife (called as Sashimibouchou) are Japanese style kitchen knife to slice raw fish for Japanese Sashimi and also used when cutting meat without damaging the flesh. This thin blade is excellent for dressing fish, and slicing meat. The knife's razor sharp blade also makes it ideal for very thin Sashimi for Japanese style Sushi. Hand wash ONLY.

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  • Hybrid Saw Slicer

    It easily slices through both soft and crusty bread. While retaining its beautiful mirror finish, the blade is made to stay sharp and resist rust. Start to slice with the top or the tail of the wave blade, then use the sharp and straight middle part. Made by Japanese craftsman specializing in Western tableware.

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As a manufacturer located in TSUBAMESANJO area , we have been providing these made in Japan quality kitchen knives.
Check their qualities and craftsmanship and know how our Made in Japan, Kitchen Knives are cool and beautiful.
Although the range of items is small, we're very much available to provide OEM products for international customers.

Home Cleaning & Laundry

  • Eco Friendly Ceramic Landry Ball(Eco-Saturn)

    Eco-Saturn is an eco-friendly laundry ball that combines 7 different kinds of ceramic balls: infrared, negative-ion, multifunction, dechlorinator, antibacterial, brightening, and alkaline. This unique combination eliminates the need for adding any other detergent to your laundry. Eco-Saturn also suppresses the growth of black mold inside the washing machine. Eco-Saturn leaves clothes smelling fresh and reduces residual chlorine and static electricity. Itis mild enough for use on baby clothes. Save money and decrease water pollution with this easy-to-use product.

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  • Washing tub Cleaner KIREI-SAPPARI

    Patented eco-friendly washing machine cleaner. It is necessary to give washing machine a deep cleaning once a month to clean bacteria, dirt, mold and mildrew, which affects the smell of your clothes and the functionality your machine. Washing tub Cleaner Kireisappari made from 7 special ingredients without using surfactant and has designed to dissolve and remove odor-causing bacteria that can occur in all washing machines. Easy-to-use washing machine cleaner. Just place packs of Washing Tub Cleaner Kireisappari directly in the washer run on your maintenance cycle or normal cycle. Works great with both front-loasing and top-loading machines.

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    No bleach or bleach essence contained. Made from natural lactic acid, very small influence on the human body gives you fewer or less protections such as gloves or glasses are barely necessary. No bleach scent or result, even if it happened to be applied to your clothes. Applying to humid or moldy places are effective. Detergency result to 98% of mold remove has been reported by the research of Kitazato Research Center.

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We provide our home cleaning & Laundry products that considered reducing impacts on the environment.
Our concepts of Home Cleaning & Laundry products are eco-friendly, gentle to the human body and to reduce an environmental load.
The series of KIREI-SAPPARI items have been created as a reduced item of the characteristic smell of organochlorine.
People barely feel the uncomfortable odor with their cleaning.

Seeking independent international sales representatives and distributors for North America, the Middle East, and Europe, also the ASEAN countries.