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Magic Egg Boiler
  • Magic Egg Boiler
  • Magic Egg Boiler
  • [Material]
    Handle, body: Polypropylene
    Safety cover: silicone rubber, Needle: Stainless steel
  • [Product Size (Approx.)]
    W155 x D155 x H160 (mm)
  • [Weight (Approx.)]
  • [Country of Origin]
  • [Set Item]
    1 handle, 1 body
  • [JAN Code]
    4989082 759210
  • [Product Code]
  • [Release Date]

Magic Egg Boiler

Eggoo gives perfectly favorite doneness of boiled eggs for everyone.
Soft boiled, medium boiled, or hard boiled, perfectly supplied with only adjusting boiling time showing on the side of the package.
It also avoids bursting eggs with its unique design. We focused that sometimes carbon dioxide in eggs causes bursting eggs while boiling.
To make a little hole to get carbon dioxide out through, Eggoo has a small needle covered with silicone guard for safe in the bottom.
Not Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.

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