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Washing tub Cleaner
  • Washing tub Cleaner
  • [Ingredient]
    Sodium percarbonate, Silicate, Carbonate, Citrate, Boric anhydride, Scallop shell calcium, Proteinase.
    Humoral:Slightly alkaline.
  • [Product Size (Approx.)]
    W16 × H25 × D7 cm
  • [Inner Capacity]
  • [Weight (Approx.)]
  • [Country of Origin]
  • [JAN Code]
    4989082 757223
  • [Product Code]
  • [Release Date]

Washing tub Cleaner KIREI-SAPPARI

Patented eco-friendly washing machine cleaner.
It is necessary to give washing machine a deep cleaning once a month to clean bacteria, dirt, mold and mildrew, which affects the smell of your clothes and the functionality your machine.
Washing tub Cleaner KIREI-SAPPARI Kireisappari made from 8 special ingredients without using surfactant and has designed to dissolve and remove odor-causing bacteria that can occur in all washing machines.
Easy-to-use washing machine cleaner.
Just place packs of Washing Tub Cleaner Kireisappari directly in the washer run on your maintenance cycle or normal cycle.
Works great with both front-loasing and top-loading machines.

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