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Omusubi Panda Bear
  • Omusubi Panda Bear
  • Omusubi Panda Bear
  • Omusubi Panda Bear
  • Omusubi Panda Bear
  • [Material]
    Rice mold : Polypropylene (thermostable 120 °C)
    Nori & food Cutter : ABS resin (thermostable 80 °C)
    Silicone sheet : Silicone rubber (thermostable 180 °C)
  • [Product Size (Approx.)(mm)]
    Panda Bear mold: W120 x D60 x H45
    Nori cutter: W55 x D15 x H140
    Food cutter: W55 x D15 x H140
    Silicone sheet: W70 x D3 x H45
  • [Packaging Size (mm)]
    W175 x D230 x H50
  • [ Packaging Weight (g)]
  • [Country of Origin]
  • [JAN Code]
    4989082 769394
  • [Product Code]
  • [Release Date]

Omusubi Panda Bear

Panda Omusubi Set has been renewed to this new set and released on February2nd, 2018.
Panda bear shaped onigiri for picnic season, party, or special occasions can beprepared with this set, easy and fun!
About 80g of panda bear face shaped onigiri can be supplied by one scoop up ofrice on the mold.
Silicone rubber sheet helps to cut a nori sheet out to little pieces of face parts with asimple procedure.
Hot steamed, or cooked rice can be supported.
Recommended hand wash only.
No use for dishwasher and dryer.
Cannot be usedin the oven or microwave.

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